Terms And Conditions

  1. CMR Swarnadhara Flexi Advance Purchase Plan of 11 months, customer has to choose the monthly amount for an equal amount. Customer has to pay installment by 15th of every month. Incase customer defaults in any month, the customer is not eligible to get the full benefits of the plan.
  2. The advance payments are not extendable and have to be paid within the 11 months tenure.
  3. This plan is strictly not transferable to others.
  4. Customer should submit the required documents to enroll this purchase plan. Customer can also register the nominee for the purchase plan, in that cases the customer should produce KYC documents of nominee.
  5. The customer shall pay and redeem only at the respective store where they had intially enrolled.
  6. Pan card copy is mandatory for the maturity amount is equal more than Rs.2.00 lacs per member or application.
  7. Customer is eligible to get upto 18% value addition benefit for the weight accumulated or amount accumulated. Additional weight would be billed on the prevailing rate on that particular day and applicable V.A./making charges would be applicable on the additional purchase. Customer cannot club other discounts or offers running at our showroom at the time of availing the Flexi Advance Purchase Plan benefits. All such benefits would be applicable on the additional weight purchase only.
  8. In case the customer discontinue/drops off in between the tenure, the value of the gift or gift voucher issued at the time of enrolment, would be adjusted to the accumulated weight/value.
  9. Customer should purchase the ornament within 365 days of enrolment. In case of the customer failing to purchase the ornament, CMR would revert back the amount paid by the customer to their bank account. In this case,the customer is not entitled to any benfits under this plan.
  10. If customer discontinues within 6 months,then customer is not eligible to get any benefits. If customer discontinues in 7th&8th month,then eligible for 60% of V.A benefits only. If customer discontinues in 9th month then eligible for 80% of V.A benefits. If customer discontinues in 10th month 100% V.A benefits can be given post adjusting the gift / gift voucher value which was given at the time of enrolment. In such a situation,the customer would be entitled to redeem benefit at the lowest V.A of the purchased item V.A or maximum V.A (18%).
  11. If customer wants to discontinue from this purchase plan, customer should buy any ornament for the accumulated weight / value (post adjustment of initial gift value/GV), no refund is allowed in cash.
  12. Incase the customer purchases lesser value item than accumulated plan value,balance cannot be refunded, customer should purchase any other ornaments for the balance amount.
  13. Incase of change in Ph.No. / Address, or the loss of the customer receipt book, the customer must notify the management immediately.
  14. In CMR Swarnadhara Purchase Plan all the beeds / stones cost and gst as applicable on the purchases should be borne by the customer only.
  15. If the customer chooses to discontinue, within 6 months of enrollment, they will not be eligible for any benefits / discounts on wastage (VA). In such cases, the customer can only redeem the accumulated paid amount with no benefits.
  16. In case of change in address,or loss of the customer receipt book, the customer must notify the management immediately.
  17. Default payment is allowed only one time during the entire term of 11 months. If a customer defaults more than once, then the management shall disqualify that customer,which means loss of all benefits under CMR Swarnadhara.
  18. Customer has to bring the passbook/statement when purchases ornaments upon completion of plan .
  19. The customer's signature and proof of identify and otp to registered mobile number shall be verifed at the time of delivery.
  20. Management reserve the rights to modify / add/ delete any of the terms and conditions without any prior intimation.
  21. All disputes are subject to the competent courts under nellore city jurisdiction.

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